With business operations now dependent on millions of inter-connected devices, we provide secured business environment wherever you demand, addressing the need of securing enterprise data and ensuring seamless business continuity.

An Enterprise Mobility Management & Mobile Device Management solution provides the infrastructure to manage and optimize all the user apps and devices from one central location. To compliment and simplify the enrollment methodology, Google Zero-Touch enrolment ecosystem provides a secured, out of the box deployment mechanism that can be leveraged to deploy enterprises devices in bulk.

We Help Our Valued Clients Achieve


Secured Access

  • Management of user identities for protection of enterprise information, applications and content by preventing un-authorized access
  • Restrict access only to enterprise approved apps and accounts.
  • Access to enterprise documents and e-mails through verified applications only

Device and Data Security

  • Protection of device against attempts to evade MDM environment. Device enrolled using Zero-Touch automatically re-enrolls MDM, even if the device is hard rest `
  • Remote wipe organizational data in case of theft
  • Implement Geo-Fencing to strengthen security measures, enabling device to function at specified secured locations only

Policy Management

  • Assign custom policies across bulk devices with ease
  • Blacklist and Whitelist applications as per business requirement
  • Configure settings to control application behavior, provide or revoke access to device features and networks

Remote Support & Deployment

  • Over the air configuration of devices eliminating the need of manual intervention
  • Remotely control and view devices and troubleshoot issues on them
  • Allow / Restrict applications, data and network services locally on any device