Professionals in talent acquisition are typically responsible for much more than just procuring candidates and securing adequate resourcing for the organization. Recruiting must be systematized, cost-efficient, and comply with all company policies and employment laws of the land. Our recruitment division can easily partner with organizations of all sizes and deliver the best talent across industries.
With the specialist knowledge of key business verticals, we deliver the best talent in the shortest time possible. Qualified recruitment specialists at Proffer helps you hire quality candidates who strike a perfect balance between meeting the job’s requirements and complementing your company’s ethos. We help you identify the best-fit talent across various levels, be it niche positions or volume hires. We get it the right first time so you can plan for the future.


  • Proffer is dedicated towards the goal of finding the best people, the ones who write the success of the company.
  • Dedicated Team Of Professionals Having Pofessional Competency.
  • Specialize In Fulfilling The Most Critical And Hard To Source Positions
  • Strong Network Of Head Hunters Validate The Candidate’S Information And Complete Candidate Profile

The ability to make intuitive judgments about people is today’s most enduring source of spirited advantage. Proffer largest service practice – Executive Search – concentrates on helping clients achieve this benefit through the detection, evaluation and recruitment of the most talented business leaders. On the surface, our executive search process resembles others. However, new clients usually discover the experience of working with Proffer to be different. An essence of that experience is described below

Understanding the Client & their specific needs

Our consultation meeting is the start of an emotional dedication to complete the work with professional excellence. It begins with an affluent discussion of the vital business issues and the indispensable requirements of the position

Developing the Right Profile

Next, our consultants qualify the behavioral uniqueness, also review critical occurrences as well as the competencies required reinforced by a proven methodology. Our consultants themselves make the decisive difference, bringing authentic insight in discerning clients’ needs.

Industry Analysis & Mapping (Discovery of the Leaders)

Consultants identify candidates from three sources: their own specialized networks and relationships, those of their colleagues, and methodical research. Our Consultants have developed extensive work in the past which has been leveraged to analyze and map the Industry and candidates. Based on this extensive database of data, we can pinpoint talent availability in the market. The consultants’ own ideas will stem from their comprehension of your sector or function and their experience in executive search. This pool of known talent is amplified by ideas flowing from other consultants within offices, due to our shared culture and compensation structure that promote cooperation. Consequently, clients engage more than individual consultants; they engage the entire firm with all of its pertinent sources and experts. Our researchers and knowledge managers – who do not approach candidates themselves – constantly monitor career moves of business leaders where we operate. They continuously update our database for future usage

The Touch base

The consultants working on the engagement are best prepared to present the prospect in a persuasive way, articulating the nuances of the position and commenting – eloquently on the civilizing aspects of the client organization. Given the background of our consultants, our commitment to managing long-term candidate relationships further strengthens this union and enhances our access to top talent for our clients.


When interviewing candidates, our consultants maneuver away from narrative interviews that simply retrace a person’s accomplishment. Instead, consultants focus on the “how” questions, following our competency based interviewing model. Answers to these questions can be windows into the individual’s behavioral characteristics, enabling sensitive judgment of the candidate’s ability to perform in the job and adapt to the client organization and culture. Further corroboration through extensive referencing is the final and critical complement to the conclusion made by our consultants.


The second major point of influence in a search is converting a mutual “fit” into an authentic hiring. In the war for talent, an accomplished and astute approach to a search completion can make the distinction between success and failure. Since our consultants invest in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search procedure, they are better able to monitor and address concerns about the job or the realistic and individual aspects of transitioning as they arise, minimizing barricades to closure at the final stage of a search


Our consultants are avid about assuring that hired candidates make a positive impact that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We follow up with candidate and client at regular intervals to check on performance and fit. The consultants’ diligence in this regard stems not only from professional pride but also from their long-term outlook toward clients and candidates

Our Process Includes:

  • Study your requirements
  • Undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry
  • Identify potential job seekers, create interest, recommend interested and suitable profiles
  • Tailoring our search to your unique needs