Managed Services

With the rapidly changing industry landscape through groundbreaking innovation and intense competition, businesses often lose their focus from the core objectives because of tedious and resource-intensive HR activities like payroll and compliance.

Challenges in managing payroll:

  • Access to accurate and timely pay slips
  • Escalating cost thanks to in-house payroll maintenance
  • Scalability during expansion to multiple geographies
  • Security and confidentiality of payroll and employee data
  • Compliance with the latest laws and regulations
  • Proffer provides an end-to-end payroll outsourcing solutions that reduces processing costs with a streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll, statutory and compliance needs.


Managed Human Resource Services Programs
Enhanced Productivity, Consistent Quality, Lower Costs

As your Managed Services Provider (MSP), Proffer reduces costs and alleviates the risks and administrative burdens inherent in working with multiple vendors for multiple HR functional areas. We provide dedicated on-site management that offers you a single source of contact for all of your needs. And we have proven capabilities in managing the entire process including HR Line Operations, Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Complete Recruitment Lifecycle, Complete Employee Life Cycle, Induction to F&F, Training to Strategic HR initiatives like Banding & Grading, Competency Framework and Mapping, GAP Analysis, interventions and finally Industry leaders thought Leadership Programs. We provide the entire gamut of HR services.

When you work with Proffer as your MSP you benefit from:

Proof of ROI:

Our comprehensive analytics enable you to track and control your staffing costs and demonstrate the business case for your programs.

Flexibility to meet changing demands:

You get the most current data on pay rates and guidance on how to pay competitively to attract the best talent.

Visibility into the process:

A quarterly report card on the program provides valuable data on trends and market changes that can affect your business.

Hiring Manager’s Satisfaction:

We survey your hiring managers to measure satisfaction with our services. We then develop action plans to address any areas for improvement.
Proffer will earn your trust with our people, processes and information that mitigate risks, reduce confusion, increase transparency, and provide lower costs. Successful Managed Services Programs start with successful roll-outs, and this is where the Proffer team can help. We’ll help you to identify your measurement criteria, determine potential obstacles to success, and build the roll-out plans for you. Our Change Management approach is based upon successful HR services implementations. We apply collective learning to ensure that your stakeholder community is fully engaged in the program’s successes, efficiency gains and cost savings.