Leadership Hiring

Getting the suitable people for the top posts has never been an easy job. A lot of things of an organization depends on decisions made by people acquiring top positions of a company. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon ranging from assessment troubles to psychological traps. Not every organization is adept at hiring champions leaders given the challenges involved. Choosing the right people for top jobs is key to organizational success because when talented leaders work, organization thrives. This is where Proffer comes into the picture to help organizations recruit the right candidates for leading jobs. We are the leading force to reckon with when it comes to hiring leaders.

Leadership Hiring


Relieve the Recruiting Burden. Realize the Competitive Advantage.

Your business success depends on finding highly skilled professional team, which is why you need a recruiting partner with the specialization in your industry that can get qualified candidates in the door, on board, and contributing quickly. Proffer Direct Hiring Services offer the value of an Executive Search Firm, Staffing Company and an Employment Agency, all in one. Our experienced recruiters have skill set expertise and extensive industry knowledge giving them an advantage when it comes to sourcing, recruiting, and delivering business critical professional talent. When you work with Proffer you benefit from:

A true partnership:

We work side-by-side with your teams to develop candidate profiles. Our recruiters interview your hiring managers and gather information about your company’s culture, operations and requirements. Then they create a customized recruiting plan for you.

Intensive Candidate Sourcing:

Our recruiters will implement your customized recruiting plan alongside your internal technical and professional teams as Proffer central recruitment team works around-the-clock to source talent.

Comprehensive Pre-screening:

Rigorous background checks and optional skill and behavioral assessments assure that your hiring managers will see only the most qualified candidates.

Customized Recruiting Metrics:

You determine how you want progress tracked and we will create company-specific staffing metrics and compare results to industry benchmarks.

Proven Client Satisfaction:

We survey your hiring managers to measure satisfaction with our services. We then develop action plans to address any areas for improvement.
Good hiring is critical to the success of all organizations, and Proffer team can help. We’ll help you find and implement the right assessment tools to make sure you’re selecting the very best talent. We’ll help you train your hiring managers to better manage the interview and selection process. And, once you’ve made your critical hire, we can help you manage the on-boarding process to make sure your new hires produce as quickly as possible.