Contractual Staffing

In this competitive and rapidly changing world, HR departments are under heavy pressure. To help HR departments, Proffer HR Outsourcing offers an array of flexible solutions from short-term, ad-hoc support to fully outsourced solutions by carefully selected HR professionals.
Your organization may need one or several people for part-time/full-time assignments on a time and project basis. We are here to provide structural solutions for your hiring needs. We evaluate your specific needs, the scope of your project and find a best available consultant with excellent skills that match your needs setting up an actionable timeframe.


Exceptional Temporaries in All Market Conditions

Whether you need to fill a few hard-to-find temporary professional positions or staff a short-term assignment with say 100 people, you want the flexibility that a staffing firm provides to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.

When you work with Proffer you benefit from:

High quality temp workers:

You will always meet highly qualified candidates because our temporary workers go through the same vetting process as a permanent hire. Clients routinely choose to offer full-time positions to 25-30 percent of them within the first 12 months of their assignment.

Flexibility to meet changing demands:

Whether you suddenly need to fill a long-term assignment or you are staffing up to meet seasonal demands, we work with you to meet both your expected and your unexpected workforce needs.

Business results you can see:

You determine how you want progress tracked and we create company-specific staffing metrics and compare results to industry benchmarks.

Proven client satisfaction:

We survey your hiring managers to measure satisfaction with our services. We then develop action plans to address any areas for improvement.
Your absolute satisfaction is our goal, effective use of temporary staffing creates an alternative hiring strategy for your organization, and presents terrific opportunities to generate cost savings for your business with process optimization strategies. We work closely with you to understand your organization, your culture and the unique aspects of your business so we can anticipate your staff augmentation needs. Proffer provides the talent that drives your business success.